Sunday, 23 February 2014

Review: Maybelline Great Lash

To me this mascara has instantly become my best friend; it's that favourite mug you use every time, that person who you always exchange a smile with or that song that lifts up your day. It's not big or flashy but it subtly creates a look for which I have been long searching for.

The brush is quite small, bristly and I found it excellent to work with. To create a high volume look I found you really had to layer up though because at first it doesn't deposit much on your eyelashes, but after a bit of wiggling about it's fine. Also, I found that it holds the curl very well throughout the day which is great for me because my lashes naturally point downwards. Very frustrating.

One of the main things I noticed about this mascara is that it is a very dry formula, this doesn't bother me as it gives a nice matte finish but if you don't like dry formulas then this is not for you. Along with this I expect that it will start to become increasingly dry and won't last that long, but as I have only had this for a short while I will update you if this happens. I suppose it may be because this is the waterproof version, which also works very well; it hardly ever smudges under my eyes - who ever wants to look like a panda?
Another thing that you can see in the image above is that the top of the mascara 'bottle' is getting a bit messy which is becoming more and more annoying by the day. But despite this I think it's a fantastic mascara and for only £4.99 you are definitely getting your moneys worth.
 Hope you enjoyed,

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Photography in January

Here's some pictures I thought you might enjoy from various outings last month..

Speak to you next time :)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

January favourties 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you guys all had a great January despite the fact that it has zipped along so quickly, nearly knocking me off my feet. Before we get into the post I just wanted to say that this is my final year in high school so I've got all of my big exams this summer so I will try my best to post as much as I can, but it may be inconsistent - I'm really sorry. But anyways, here's what I've been loving

I apologize for the bad picture quality :/ 

Beauty & Fashion:

Vaseline Paint the Town Red Lip Tint - I have been loving this so much this month even though it didn't give a highly pigmented colour I was expecting, but just a your-lips-but-better type sheen with red undertones. This is perfect if you don't want to go bare lipped but you don't want to put on a lipstick; and especially as recently my lips have been very dry this is also extremely moisturising.'Oreal Texture Styling Spray - I am so pleased with this product, it gives me volume throughout the whole day and a fantastic matte finish. It's pretty inexpensive which makes I just perfect. In one of my posts a while ago I tried the Umberto Gianni Backcomb spray and absolutely fell in love with this type of hairspray, but that one was quite expensive and I used it up so quickly that  I never bothered repurchasing; but this L'Oreal spray is a fantastic dupe.

H&M Oversized Jumper - If I said I have been obsessed with this jumper it would be an understatement. I have literally been wearing this so often its unreal. The oversized style is something I have been loving - it's so comfy and I think it looks pretty as well. I will probably do an Outfit of the Day soon so keep an eye out for this.

Soap and Glory Hand Food - recently I have been taking alot more care into my hands and the cold weather makes them really dry as well. I got this a while ago and it's lasted me a long time, the size is so easy to just throw in your bag to apply later and lastly it smells really nice as well.


I dont usually have a whole album that I like but this month my go-to album is Bastille's All this bad blood, when I say I love every song on this album, I litterally love them all.

Now I must confess something, I am a Sherlock fan. If you are also a Sherlock fan then you know I'm talking about series three which aired for the first time this month (all the feelings) .If you haven't seen this definitely check this out because it is truly amazing.

Missisipi Chocolate Muffin from Starbucks - typical white girl moment, yes I love Starbucks. But whoever you are you need to try these muffins because they are amazing! Basically it's a rich chocolate muffin but the inside has a lump of gooey chocolate. Mmmm.. 

Hope you liked this, see you next time! :)

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