Saturday, 4 January 2014

December Favourites 2013

The last favourites of 2013... I'm getting emosh.

Sorry the lighting is rubbish here :/

Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge - A friend got this for me for Christmas as I have been in need of a face make up applicator for a while and this has defiantly solved my problems. It is so easy to use and I find it smooths out the coverage on my face a lot more effectively than using my fingers, plus the pointed end is great for getting into the creases by my nose and around my lips. 

Umberto Giannini Teasing Comb - This is one of my must have hair styling products, it gives me lots of volume and that messy look (as I have short hair and this is my style, the 'messy' look is a good thing but I wouldn't suggest going crazy and backcombing the whole of your long luscious hair).  If you wanted volume in you longer hair I defiantly recommend this.
Snood from Marks & Sparks - Oh my god, snoods are my new obsession; they're cozy, they're warm and they make me feel very stylish. I especially adore the design of this one I got for Christmas, the mixture of pink and blue looks really nice in my opinion and the lace trimmings are the cherry on the cake.

Ballet Slippers from Marks & Sparks - Ok now let me ask you a thing... aren't these just the cutest?! Cable knit is one of my favourite designs/patterns and the colour is perfection. But mainly is the fluffy inside which is so comfortable on my feet and makes me feel all cozy.

Moving on from beauty/fashion items I have two favourite films this month: Les Miserables (bit late on the bandwagon I know) and The Hobbit part 1 &2. I've been singing the amazingly emotive and powerful songs ever since first watching Les Mis and after recently seeing Part 2 of The Hobbit, decided to add it to my favourites mainly due to the clever choreography of the fighting which made me chuckle and cringe - both worth seeing for sure.

Lastly, something I love to eat over the Christmas period is shortbread biscuits and I just had to show you these Christmas tree shortbread biscuits I found which I thought were so cute, festive and tasty.

Keep up those New Years resolutions guys - you can do it! But until then, see you next time :)

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