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September Favourites 2013 .• ◦ °

Hello everyone!

So I thought I would say this is my first blog post for Sentimental wink, I really hope you enjoy my September favorites to see if my blog is your kind of style as it were ;)

So first up this month is Maybelines Fit me stick foundation which i got from Boots for £8.99, I have been using this as one of my daily foundations. It is so easy to apply in the morning and great for people (like me) who usually get up late. It has very good coverage on my skin, and covers my spots fairly well. I was thinking of doing a more detailed review of this product, so let me know if you would like to see one.

For a UK resident like me i think this will be on everyone's favorites list as it only recently arrived in this country; yes - it's Maybelines Baby lips. I am absolutely in love with these. 'Cherry me' gives me a lovely color on my lips without being in your face although I found you can build up the color with more coats. Whilst 'Peach kiss' is a lovely sheer peach/gold color with some subtle shimmer. They are both also very smooth and moisturizing, would defiantly recommend. I bought them from Boots for £2.99 each

This is Topshops waterproof eyeliner in the color brown (£5), this is the best eyeliner I have tried so far for your waterline, it has a stay time of around 4-5 hours. I really like to define my eyes with this by applying this to the outer 3/4 of my waterline.

One of my holy grails has got to be the lush lip scrubs for £5.25; I had the pink bubblegum one but i lost it :'( so i thought i would try out the pop corn one as I love popcorn. Both of these have worked wonders for my lips as I have always suffered from very dry lips. Just rub a bit on your lips and after moisturizing they are perfection. If you have dry lips definitely look into this.

I got these midi rings in Topshop for £6.50 which for me was a little pricey but I fell in love with them. I'm sorry the picture's absolutely rubbish - but you get the gist. Originally they came in a pack of three; silver, black and gold - but I lost the gold one which is really annoying :'( I have really been loving midi rings for fall and think they are so cute (I got some more in my Primark haul post which will be up soon). 

This clean and clear facial exfoliating scrub has been my favorite skin care product for this month. It is so refreshing in the morning and the rounded beads gently exfoliate really well. I also find that it fades my acne, just a little bit, each day which is also useful! Would really recommend to anyone looking for a basic scrub. 

This is one of my favorite back to school items - my pencil case from paperchase. It is a great woodland theme with a fox and owl on the front, and it's a really good size to fit everything i need in it. As you can see there is a front flap which i find useful for smaller things like paperclips and bulldog clips.

My favorite moment of the month was probably going bowling with some of my friends for one of their 16th birthdays. We had so much fun (which you can probably tell from the pics) as I haven't been for ages. It was a great summer day and was topped off with popcorn chicken at KFC.


Some songs I've been loving this month include 'Same love' by Macklemore, 'Roar' by Katy Perry and 'love me again' by John Newman.  I have never heard anything like 'Same love' it's gentle but catchy piano tune combined with rap is pretty amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this post and look out for more to come (I have a Primark haul that I was thinking of sharing) ;)

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Have a great day x

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