Tuesday, 24 December 2013

My Chrsitmas Nails

So today is the day, well not the day but it's Christmas eve and that's almost as good. Today I'm showing you how I have painted my nails for Christmas; it's a holy and pin striped design. But I must say I saw someone else blog about this design so I am not taking credit for it, I just wanted to show you guys in case you haven't seen it.

First of all I started off with a coat of plain white nail varnish, and then applied a second coat to make sure I have a plain and thick base. Then using my asagdg Gold stripper I do vertical stripes on all of my nails. Then I created the holly by dotting on two dots of red in the corner using my nail dotting tools. As I don't own a green nail varnish I mixed a yellow and blue to create a suitable green colour, then dotted this on for the leaves. After applying a clear top coat to seal in your design and make it shiny - you're done

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and I will see you soon :) x

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