Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Christmas tag ❅

1.  Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
All of my life I've always had a synthetic tree which is bearable but I think real ones would just be so much fun - like having a real tree is the dream.

2.  You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
Well I'm not a tea or coffee drinker so definitely some kind of hot chocolate which I loveee. I'm perfectly happy with just a plain one but if I was feeling fancy I would go for a salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks which is lovely. But even better than that is the Black forest hot chocolate, my favourite festive drink; it's hot chocolate with blackberry syrup topped with cream, cherry sauce and chocolate curls. Mmmmmm.

3.  Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
In my house we don't usually have a colour scheme so it ends up being a spontaneous explosion of christmas, which is how it's always been so that's what I like. But I love using gold colours for the tree decorations because I think gold and green go together well and are really festive.

4.  Giving or receiving?
I think the whole system of exchanging gifts with friends and family at Christmas is so much fun. I love the run up to Christmas to frantically search for gifts they would like (I'm still in this phase... oops.) But let's not forget how much fun it is to receive presents - we all like to be spoilt once in a while.
5.  To mince pie or not to?
I'll have a few mince pies over the festive season, just because they are Christmassy but I'm not overly keen on them to be honest. As a big traditional Christmas lover I feel obliged to have a few.
6.  What's your traditional Sunday lunch?
On normal Sundays (not Christmas lunch) we usually have roast chicken sometimes wrapped in bacon which tastes really nice, broccoli, green beans and roast potatoes, topped off with lots of gravy... mouth watering.
7.  Christmas day fashion
If  I stayed at home on Christmas da you would defiantly find me in some very festive pyjamas or my onesie. But usually we go to my aunties house which is only down the road so I always wear my Christmas jumper and some comfortable jeans or leggings.

8.  What's your favourite Christmas song?
I'm sorry but this question is impossible for me to answer - I pretty much love all Christmas songs whether it be modern songs or traditional carols. Off the top of my head I could name; Sussex carol, Wish it could be Christmas everyday, Believe and Hot chocolate from Polar express aaaand Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
9.  What's your favourite Christmas film?
For me it's got to be Polar express; the story is great, the graphics are great, the songs are fantastic it'll always be number one for me. But this only just beats the home alone series, probably only the first two films with Macaulay Culkin as Kevin - he is the best.
10.  Open presents before or after lunch?
Most defiantly before lunch, it's torture to have to wait until after breakfast let alone lunch, which is what my family do.  
I'm not going to tag anyone in particular but if you want to do this tag - go ahead and leave me a comment below if you did so I can check it out :)

I hope you guys are enjoying the run up to Christmas as much as I am,
See you next time,


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